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Mediatel, February 15, 2013:
What if they don’t hear your $4 million ad?

ADWEEK, January 31, 2013:
Losing Game: Super Bowl Ads and the Mute Button, January 22, 2013:
DN first with eye tracking of ads (translated from Norwegian)

MediaTel, January 21, 2013:
Facebook’s new ad format outperforms standard ads, January 10, 2013:
Nine out of ten Facebook Users see this (translated from Norwegian) 

Business Insider, January 9, 2013:
HEATMAP: What You Really See When You Look At Facebook

Mediatel, December 11, 2012:
Look over here! What eye tracking studies really reveal

Netimperative, December 6, 2012:
Guest comment: Should CPM be abolished? 

MarketingProfs, November 28, 2012:
Did You See That? EyeTrackShop’s Jeff Bander Talks Eye Tracking on MarketingSmarts [Podcast]

The Drum, November 27, 2012:
What are we really paying for online?

CBS Moneywatch, November 14, 2012:
EyeTrackShop Awarded Anderson Analytics’ Disruptive Innovation Award

Business Insider, November 13, 2012:
These Heatmaps Show How Consumers Fixate On The iPad Mini More Than Other Tablets

Mashable, November 8, 2012:
iPad Mini Wins in Eye-Tracking Study [VIDEO], October 24, 2012:
How Businesses Use Custom Facebook Cover Photos to Increase Brand Awareness

VentureBeat, October 4, 2012:
Why eye-tracking could be the cure for poorly placed web ads

Entrepreneur, September 19, 2012:
How Photos Can Make or Break Your Marketing Campaign

The Huffington Post, August 29, 2012:
EyeTrackShop Presidential Study Measures How Each Candidate Draws Our Attention (INFOGRAHIC)

Intuit, August 24, 2012:
How Your Online Brand Can Benefit from Color Psychology

Technorati, August 18, 2012:
Eye-Tracking and Its Modern Uses

Internetworld, August 14, 2012:
See your site as your visitors see it (Translated from Swedish)

MrWeb, August 1, 2012:
EyeTrackShop Expands Via Majestic Partnership

SiliconANGLE, August 1, 2012:
Eyes Don’t Lie: Where Eye-Tracking Meets Market Research

AllFacebook, July 30, 2012:
Report: Facebook Mobile Ads Only Seen By 3%-13% Of Users

Media Post, July 30, 2012:
Eye-Tracking Study Claims Facebook Mobile Model Needs A Fix

Business Insider, July 28, 2012:
HEATMAPS: What You’re Actually Looking At When You Look At Facebook

SF Gate, July 28, 2012:
Facebook looks to sponsored stories

DIGITAL TRENDS, July 27, 2012:
Post-earnings call, the debate over Facebook’s mobile ads reaches new heights

CNET, July 26, 2012:
What Facebook (and every other site) can learn from eye tracking

CNET, July 26, 2012:
EyeTrackShop compares Facebook Web ads to mobile ads – EyeTrackShop’s advice for Facebook on mobile ads

ADWEEK, July 26, 2012:
Facebook Mobile Ads Underperform Compared to Web

MediaPost’s Marketing Daily, July 20, 2012:
Chick-fil-A May Be Onto Something

Media Bistro, July 12, 2012:
Getting Into the Consumer’s Head With Eye-Tracking Technology

Mashable, July 6, 2012:
How We Look at Online Ads

Travel Weekly, June 4, 2012:
Windows to the soul (and, apparently, the brain)

Mashable, May 29 2012:
Eyes On Pinterest: How People Look at Your Boards

Internetworld, May 28 2012:
The eyes expose you – this is how you see ads (Translated from Swedish), May 23, 2012:
看美女、裸女、猛男,男女焦點大不同!眼球追踨技術大揭密 /Both sexes, different ad views

The Wall Street Journal, May 22, 2012:
The Daily Start-Up: AnchorFree Gathers $52M Led By Goldman, May 14, 2012:
Market Research Startup EyeTrackShop Raises $3M, May 7, 2012:
4 Ways Facebook’s Instagram Acquisition Works for Brands

Mashable, April 30, 2012:
Mashable study: Facebook Timeline Changed the Way We See Brand Pages; Here’s How

AllFacebook, April 30, 2012:
Report: Cover Images Draw Eyeballs On Facebook Timeline Pages

April 25, 2012:
EyeTrackShop’s Jeff Bander keynote speaker at Search insider summit, April 20, 2012:
Eyeballs Provide Marketing Insights

April 5, 2012:
EyeTrackShop study: Rdio vs. Spotify

March 30, 2012:
EyeTrackShop’s CEO Mathias Plank wins the “Innovation award” at the 2012 Advertising Research Foundation Great Minds Awards

NBA.TV, March 27, 2012: The Beat-segment on sponsorships on jersey’s featured EyeTrackShop’s Jeff Bander

March 7, 2012:
Meet EyeTrackShop at Re:think 2012

Post-Gazette, January 29, 2012:
Forever on Facebook: New apps means more sharing, even back in time

Business Insider, January 24, 2012:
Eyeball-Tracking Study Shows Presidential Campaign Web Sites Are Mostly Terrible, January 24, 2012:
All Smiles: Obama Has Top Website Among Candidates

InformationWeek, January 12, 2012:
Facebook Timeline: Will It Benefit Your Business?

Dagens media, January  11, 2012:
Best ads 2011 (translated from Swedish)

AdWeek, January 9, 2012:
Data Points: Political amnesia

Mashable, December 29, 2011:
Facebook Timeline vs. Old Profiles: How People View Them Differently

Mashable, December 14, 2011:
Here’s What People Look at on Facebook Brand Pages

TIME Moneyland, December 6, 2011:
Holiday Store Window Design: Designed to Make You Stop (and Spend)

USA Today, December 4, 2011:
Holiday window displays can help lure shoppers, study says, December 2, 2011:
Profile picture the most viewed section on social networking sites

The Telegraph, December 1, 2011:
Revealed: what people look at on your Facebook page

Aftenposten, December 1, 2011:
Dette ser folk etter på Facebook-profilen din

Mashable, November 30, 2011:
Here’s How People Look at Your Facebook Profile — Literally, November 9 2011:
Turning Eyeballs into Payments: Lessons from Wal-Mart’s Success and Kmart’s Struggles

iPhone Life Live Show, November 8 2011:
Eyetrack Shop, iPod Ads, Siri on iPhone 4 and more — Live@5

Huffingtonpost, November 3 2011:
iPhone, iPad More Attractive Than Competing Devices: EyeTrackShop Study (PICTURE), October 30 2011:
眼球跟踪技术调查 苹果iPhone完胜Android, October 29 2011:
Em estudo preliminar, iPhone e iPad atraem mais olhares que outros gadgets, October 29 2011:
眼球跟踪技术调查 苹果iPhone完胜Android

Zimguardian, October 29 2011:
Eye-Tracking Study Finds iPhone, iPad Draw More Attention Than Android Devices

Macdailynews, October 28 2011:
Eye-tracking study finds Apple iPhone, iPad draw more attention than Android wannabes, October 28 2011:
Eye-Tracking Study Finds iPhone, iPad Draw More Attention Than Android Devices

Marketingsherpa. October 26 2011:
Social Media Marketing: 9 tactics for B2B social channel advertising

Marketing Directo, October 19 2011:
¿En qué se fija el consumidor en la publicidad? El eye tracking lo pone al descubierto

MediaPost, September 16 2011:
Look Into Our Eyes: The Art Of The Gaze, September 14 2011:
How To Sell Back-To-School Online: Walmart, Target And Kmart

AllthingsD, August 11 2011:
Eye-Tracking Study Shows Users Perceive Google+ and Facebook Virtually Identically

Inc., September 20 2011:
10 Cool New Tech Ideas to Help You Market Your Business

MarketingTech, August 23 2011:
Big Brother is watching: Online eye-tracking service is launched

eMarketer, August 23 2011:
Room for Improvement in Social Network Ad Engagement, August 23 2011:
Tror Facebook må gi  bedre plass til reklame

Information week, August 22 2011:
Google+ Eye Tracking Study Shows Potential

MediaWeek, August 17 2011:
Specific Media launches online eye-tracking service

ZDNet, August 12 2011:
Users look at Facebook and Google+ the same way

Resumé.se, August 3 2011:
Ikea-reklamen mest effektiv, July 24 2011:
Software can track what you look at on your computer

CNN, July 18 2011:
Technology in advertising, Cannes Lions 2011

Business Insider, July 15 2011:
How Men And Women Look At This Half Naked Woman Differently

The Wall Street Journal, July 15 2011:
Sexy Ads: Tracking Consumers’ Gazes

Marketingpower, July 14 2011:
The Eyes Have It: A Look at Gender Specific Gaze Differences

Food news today, June 15 2011:
Episode 33 – The Gift of Healthier Eating

CBS News, July 13 2011:
How Men Look at Women: One Online Marketer’s Surprise Answer

Creative bits, July 12 2011:
Does gender really play a role in the way consumers view online ads?

CBS News, June 13 2011:
I-Spy: EyeTracker to Let Advertisers Watch Users Via Webcam as They Surf

Live Digital with Shelly Palmer, May 19 2011:
Episode #59

Advertising Age, April 15 2011:
P&G Tracks Eyeballs Online — Literally — Using Webcam Home Test